Our Commitment

Between tradition and passion

The balance between our ancestral tradition, nature, and the quality of our wines is the hallmark that sets us apart. The symbiosis between the vine and our people is the bond that makes our product unique. Quality is not just a simple technique or skill; it is a passion that is expressed in every dimension and at every moment. Excellence in the quality of our grapes and wines is the passion that drives us and makes us proud.

Our People

From the beginning we have worked with the determination to take Argentine wine to a new level worldwide. This paradigm shift is possible thanks to the effort, study and passion of a team of skilled and committed people.
At Magia de Uco there is no single star; we define ourselves as a constellation that grows daily and evolves alongside the vines.
Each and every one of us is part of an integrated whole that works together to create extraordinary, unique wines. Our people play a key role as the custodians of quality and are irreplaceable in each one of our tasks.

Regenerative viticulture

We understand that we are part of an ecosystem. That the footprint we leave causes an impact; and therefore, we strive to make it minimal. We are also constantly challenged to bring the soil back to life, thus promoting biodiversity. At Magia de Uco, we conserve 5.6 hectares (160 acres) in their natural state, sheltering the native flora and fauna. Practicing regenerative viticulture is part of our ethos. We were pioneers in having the Global GAP certification in “Good Agricultural Practices” since the very first vintage and uninterruptedly until today.
We enhance the natural generosity of vines with planned and efficient management. Our conviction and commitment led us to join the Regenerative Viticulture Association, becoming pioneers in joining this institution that promotes a new way of managing vines.


At Magia de Uco, we divide our vineyard into 6 cells, which are, in turn, divided into 74 micro-plots defined by their homogeneity and also by their uniqueness. From the very beginning, each cell is assigned a dedicated winegrower, who guarantees that the maximum quality of the grapes will be obtained, to later be converted into our wines. In order to further guarantee extreme quality, we perform night harvests and our wines are sourced from our own grapes in our own winery. This allows us to start vinification in just 40 minutes, monitored at all times by the watchful eye of our staff.
We created the winery with state-of-the-art equipment, in line with the highest standards of technological innovation, and based on a unique concept in Latin America. We have also designed the VINARIUN program, which provides the necessary conditions for the production of natural, unique wines, which are subjected to a strict tasting and selection process, in order for the Authority Board to determine the potential and nobility of each line of wines that comes onto the market.


We do not intrude, but rather support. We intervene when needed, without altering, just lending a hand. We believe that a paradigm shift in vineyard and winemaking management is possible and necessary.

Good agricultural practices

We have been GAP (GLOBAL GAP) certified, with no interruptions, since our first vintage.

Good manufacturing practices

We have been GMP certified since our first production until today with no interruptions.

Special mention for ArgenInta

“Production of high quality grapes using a sustainable production process and taking care of the physical, biological, socio-economic and cultural environment.”


Proper handling of phytosanitary product containers through CampoLimpio, a national program that ensures the environment is kept free from pollution.


A local consortium for the appropriate management, recycling and reuse of urban waste and pollutants.

Sodium-free natural mineral spring water

Magia de Uco owns a natural source of sodium-free mineral water used efficiently to irrigate our vineyards drop by drop. Project feasibility permit granted by the province of Mendoza, April 2008.


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